About Us

Jade at the Tucson Gem Show
Hi, I’m Jade.  

The owner, creator, and big dreamer behind NBJ. I have been fascinated with plant based medicine for over 20 years. I have been studying and crafting items in my kitchen for personal use for many years. My son was over prescribed antibiotics in his first years of life, and for us, that changed everything. Elderberry syrup and homemade cough drops anyone? 

I firmly believe that everything we need to heal ourselves and be in optimal health is literally right under our feet, or maybe up in a tree. 

I have big plans for NBJ. Creating the website was a bear. Thank Heaven I have a technical expert in my husband. He has been paramount in launching this site. Thank you, baby! I, however, am ready to get back into my kitchen doing what I love - crafting healthy alternatives to items we use everyday! The website content will be expanding to include more specific information on the plants, the research behind their use, and any folklore and or history associated with it. The same goes for the rocks and minerals we sell.  This is a love and passion in progress. Stay tuned.

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